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Dew Drop – October 3, 2019 (#3043)

Top Links .NET Conf 2019 Sample Code Repo (.NET Team) Visual Studio for Mac: Top Features of the New Editor (Cody Beyer) Announcing TypeScript 3.7 Beta (Daniel Rosenwasser) Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3 Hands-on (Microsoft Mechanics) Microsoft Duo and Neo: The Software Developer Perspective (David Oliver) Introducing Windows 10X: enabling dual-screen PCs in […]

Dew Drop – August 30, 2019 (#3021)

Top Links Advanced Debugging Techniques with Conditional Breakpoints in Visual Studio and C# (Simon Timms) What Are gRPC Web Services and When Should I Use Them? (Peter Vogel) Becoming A Better Developer — 5 Action Items (Adhithi Ravichandran) Garage Interns add a summer’s worth of new features to release Web TS 2.0 (Lainie Huston) Web & Cloud […]

Dew Drop – July 9, 2019 (#2995)

This will be the last Dew Drop for two weeks. See you here on July 24th! Top Links How to Catch C# Exceptions in Visual Studio (Simon Timms) Alexa Skills SDK for .NET (Tim Heuer) Using C# 8.0 in Core 2.x, .NET Framework and UWP projects (Fons Sonnemans) Xamarin.Forms 4.1.0 Stable Now Available (David Ortinau) […]