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Dew Drop – November 25, 2020 (#3326)

Top Links Webcast: What’s new with Uno Platform, .NET 5 and WinUI 3 Preview 3 (Uno Platform Team) Using C#9 record and init property in your .NET Framework 4.x, .NET Standard and .NET Core projects (Patrick Smacchia) Adding a Prism Login Screen (Brian Lagunas) Build a dual-screen custom layout with Jetpack Window Manager (Craig Dunn) […]

Dew Drop – November 9, 2020 (#3314)

Top Links Blast Off with Blazor: Use .NET 5 to update the HTML head from a Blazor component (Dave Brock) The state of config file formats: XML vs. YAML vs. JSON vs. HCL (Adam Bertram) Debugging .NET Applications Running as Docker Microservices. From Intrusive to Non-Intrusive (Idan Shatz) Run Your Legacy .NET in the Cloud […]

Dew Drop – October 27, 2020 (#3305)

Top Links Getting Started with Ozcode to Debug Docker Microservices (Rami Honig) Blast Off with Blazor: Get to know Blazor and our project (Dave Brock) Microsoft® and the .NET Foundation announce the release of version 1.0 of .NET for Apache® Spark™ (Michael Rys) Get more done with search in Visual Studio (Mads Kristensen) Web & […]