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Dew Drop – September 29, 2020 (#3285)

Top Links Uno Platform 3.0 – Styling Uno Applications with Fluent and Material styles (Uno Platform Team) Immutability in JavaScript (Leonardo Maldonado) C# in Simple Terms – Primitive Types, Literals, and Nullables (Matthew Jones) Angular Lazy Loading Syntax Under the Hood (Joe Eames) Web & Cloud Development Async Await JavaScript Tutorial – How to Wait […]

Dew Drop – September 24, 2020 (#3282)

Top Links Achieving business resilience with cloud application development (Amanda Silver) Zero Installer, Zero MSIX, Zero Packaging with .NET Single File Apps (Nick Randolph) Announcing Flutter Windows Alpha (Chris Sells) Optimizing Your Website with Fiddler and Lighthouse (Rob Lauer) Web & Cloud Development Securing Azure Functions using Azure AD JWT Bearer token authentication for user […]

Dew Drop – August 24, 2020 (#3260)

Top Links August ML.NET API and Tooling Updates (Bri Achtman) How to create a NuGet package targeting multiple frameworks (Michał Białecki) Use Fiddler Everywhere to Inspect Your Web Traffic (Jonathan Pereira) The Most Exciting Part of Microsoft Edge is WebView2 (Matthew MacDonald) Web & Cloud Development Generate Angular Apps with the App Builder (Brian Lagunas) […]