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Dew Drop – June 19, 2017 (#2503)

Top Links Rider EAP 23: .NET Core debugger is back, Code Cleanup, and more (Jura Gorohovsky) Mocking in .NET Core Tests with Moq (Jason Roberts) Easy iOS App Provisioning with Fastlane and Visual Studio for Mac (Pierce Boggan) Abolishing Switch-Case Statement and Pattern Matching in C# 7.0 (Nikola Živković) Web & Cloud Development TypeScript 2.3: […]

Dew Drop – June 1, 2017 (#2491)

Top Links MS Dev Show – Windows Template Studio with Clint Rutkas and Michael Crump (Jason Young & Carl Schweitzer) TensorFlowSharp – TensorFlow API for .NET languages (Miguel de Icaza) Choice amongst cross-platform .NET IDEs – VS Code, Visual Studio for Mac, JetBrains Rider (Scott Hanselman) Why you should use F# (Phillip Carter & Mads […]

Dew Drop – May 16, 2017 (#2480)

Top Links Serverless C# with Azure Functions: HTTP-Triggered Functions (Jason Roberts) .NET Rocks! – Enterprise Angular and Azure with John Papa (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Configuration Manager SQL queries to help IT Pros report on KBs related to WannaCrypt (Jarrett Renshaw) Xamarin Live Player FAQ (Joseph Hill)   Web & Cloud Development Web Host […]