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Dew Drop – May 21, 2018 (#2729)

Top Links Debugging Beyond Visual Studio – WinDbg (Al Mata, Candice Lai & Syed Mehdi) Installing PowerShell Core on a Raspberry Pi (powered by .NET Core) (Scott Hanselman) Calculator App in 100 Lines (Nick Randolph) Console UWP Applications and File-system Access (Andrew Whitechapel) Web & Cloud Development Using the HTML Texatarea Element (Chris Love) Microsoft […]

Dew Drop – May 14, 2018 (#2724)

Top Links Using LazyCache for clean and simple .NET Core in-memory caching (Scott Hanselman) Uploading and sending image messages with ASP.NET Core SignalR (Damien Bowden) How to use Roslyn with .NET Core? (Michał Komorowski) .NET Span better performance (Bnaya Eshet) Web & Cloud Development Access Azure resources quickly that are used recently and Uploading files […]

Dew Drop – May 11, 2018 (#2723)

Top Links Building beautiful, flexible user interfaces with Flutter, Material Theming, and official Material… (Michael Thomsen) The final compliance countdown: Are you ready for GDPR? (Microsoft Secure Blog Staff) Save 45% on Developer Reference titles (Microsoft Press) Talking Build with Build MCs (Christina Warren) Web & Cloud Development Facebook Does It So Shouldn’t I? Should […]