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Dew Drop – August 28, 2017 (#2549)

Top Links Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms: Architecture and Patterns guidance (Cesar de la Torre) UWP & .NET Standard 2.0: A preview is now available! (Immo Landwerth) Zero Garbage Collector for .NET Core (Konrad Kokosa) Rider advanced debugging with breakpoints (Maarten Balliauw) Web & Cloud Development 10 Languages That Compile to JavaScript (James Kolce) Querying Azure […]

Dew Drop – June 14, 2017 (#2500)

Top Links Visual Basic and Cross-Platform: Mobile Apps with VB, Xamarin, and .NET Standard! (Klaus Löffelmann) Viva, Visual Basic! Or, Does VB Have a Future? (Michael Domingo) Creating your own Tag Helpers | Code Conversations (Maria Naggaga) Embedding Xamarin.Forms into a Xamarin Native App #TheFuture (James Montemagno) Web & Cloud Development Theming in ASP.NET Core […]