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Dew Drop – February 21, 2017 (#2426)

Top Links ReSharper, .NET Core and unit testing (Matt Ellis) Let’s Try WCF Self-Hosted Services in a Container (Jeffrey T. Fritz) Rider EAP update: Code style settings and layers (Maarten Balliauw) Day 7 – Creating an ASP.NET Core Web Application (Michael Crump)   Web Development Always Throw Errors In Order To Get A Stack Trace […]

Dew Drop – February 15. 2017 (#2422)

Top Links Building Single Page Applications on ASP.NET Core with JavaScriptServices (Steve Sanderson) OzCode v3.0 Cool New Features (OzCode Team) .NET Core Roadmap (.NET Team) ASP.NET Core Snippets for Visual Studio Code (Shawn Wildermuth)   Web Development Experimenting With Error Sub-Classing Using ES5 And TypeScript 2.1.5 (Ben Nadel) Angular Build with Webpack from Scratch (Aaron […]

Dew Drop – February 10, 2017 (#2419)

Top Links Join Us: Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event and 20th Anniversary (Julia Liuson) Welcome to ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1 EAP (Svetlana Emelyanova) Extensions in Visual Studio 2017 | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Universal Windows Platform (UWP) docs are now on Docs.Microsoft.com (Martin Ekuan)   Web & Cloud Development Angular2 CLI with ASP.NET Core application […]