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Dew Drop – April 18, 2017 (#2460)

Top Links .NET Rocks! – C# 7 and Visual Studio 2017 with Kathleen Dollard (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Announcing new updates to our GitHub Developer Program (Jared Jones) Welcome to Azure CLI Shell Preview (Courtney Oka) Learning to Think Like a Computer (Laura Pappano)   Web Development Secure your Angular/ASP.NET Core application with Anti-forgery […]

Dew Drop – April 17, 2017 (#2459)

Top Links Easy Async and Await for VBs Part 1, or… (Klaus Löffelmann) Official Release of TFVC Support for Visual Studio Code (Jeff Young) Announcing TypeScript 2.3 RC (Daniel Rosenwasser) Setting up a Shiny Development Environment within Linux on Windows 10 (Scott Hanselman) Prism 6.3 Release (Brian Lagunas)   Web Development Keeping inside the rounded […]

Dew Drop – March 31, 2017 (#2452)

Top Links What’s New in Visual Basic 2017 (Klaus Löffelmann) Tracing Runtime Events in .NET Core on Linux (Sasha Goldshtein) Managing the Windows 10 Creators Update rollout for a seamless experience (John Cable) Hanselminutiae 18 with Richard Campbell – Nintendo Switch (Scott Hanselman) UI for Xamarin Deep Dive: Typing Efficiency with AutoComplete (Sam Basu)   […]