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Hello! Alvin Ashcraft at your service. You may remember me from such roles as technical writer, software developer, Microsoft MVP (2009-2016 / 2018-2021), and conference organizer. My family would also call me a proud husband, father, and technology geek.

I have over 27 years of programming experience in the health care, financial and manufacturing industries. I currently work for Microsoft as a Content Developer, writing Windows developer docs for Microsoft Docs. I also helped found the TechBash developer conference and serve as treasurer of the non-profit TechBash Foundation.

All feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

More About Me.

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  • Christoph says:


    thanks for the good work, I read your news daily and often find useful articles. I just got a phone and saw your windows phone app and thought I give it a go. But … you can’t be seriours about the requirements! Why would you need access to all my private details???

    • Hi Christoph. Thanks for raising this concern. Actually, the app is just a Windows Phone App Studio app that retrieves feed data from my site. I did not remove any of the ‘capabilities’ listed by default in the configuration as I should have before submitting the app to the store. I will be releasing an update soon which will be a Universal App for both WinPhone and Win8.1. I will make sure to remove those items from the config which to not apply to my app. The app does not need or use any private user details.

      • Dear Alvin,
        I am looking for an App Developer to expand my original app. I have had a hard time finding someone to help me. The only responses I have gotten are from big companies that want $25,000+. Do you or anyone you know be open to discussing my idea? I am on a time crunch and need to move quickly. This is not a game app. It is used in the equine sport, Barrel Racing. It is called Barrel Horse Racing
        Thank you for your consideration or referrals,
        Dr. Lisa W. Todd

  • Lakshminarayanan says:

    Hi Alvin,
    I have been a reader of your daily dose blog for sometime now.
    I tried downloading the Windows Phone App.
    It shows the blog posts day wise on click of which the entries for that particular day are shown.
    However the entries are shown in black foreground and author name is shown in pink. Both are shown in black background.
    Since the foreground and background are in black, I am not able to read the entries first time.
    If I click on the particular row, the forecolor turns to another color.
    Is this a bug or do I need to configure my phone settings?
    Sorry I am not able to take a screenshot 🙁
    Thanks for the excellent entries.

  • Hi Alvin,

    Thanks for adding my post to your curated list. I am also interested in speaking in next Techbash on Xamarin or related topics. Is there any call for speakers page for that? any/every help regarding it is appreciated.

    S Ravi Kumar

    • Hello,

      You’re very welcome. The call for speakers for TechBash will be opening later this week. You can register as “interested in speaking” on if you would like to receive a notification when the CFP opens. I will also be announcing it on my blog if you prefer to receive your news here.



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