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Dew Drop – April 9, 2018 (#2700)

Top Links CSLA running on Blazor (Rockford Lhotka) SSW TV – Farewell Brian Harry – Brian’s achievements and highlights from the last 23 years at Microsoft (Sophie Belle) Ensure Continuation Using Async/Await with the Windows UI (Mark Michaelis) Hanselminutes – Christine Spang’s Open Source Journey from Teen OSS Contributor to CTO of Nylas (Scott Hanselman) […]

Dew Drop – January 30, 2018 (#2654)

Top Links How to set up Kubernetes on Windows 10 with Docker for Windows and run ASP.NET Core (Scott Hanselman) Getting Started with VS App Center (Jesse Liberty) MSTest V2: in-assembly parallel test execution (Pratap Lakshman) Easy way to create a C# lambda expression from a string (with Roslyn) (Filip W.) Web & Cloud Development […]

Dew Drop – October 3, 2017 (#2574)

TechBash 2017 is this week. I’ll be there and my Dew Drop publishing schedule maybe be a bit erratic for the rest of the week. Top Links 3 Tips for Angular Runtime Performance from the Real World (Paul Spears) .NET Rocks! – Entity Framework Core 2 with Julie Lerman (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) TypeScript […]