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Dew Drop – September 21, 2020 (#3279)

Top Links A developer’s guide to Ignite 2020 (Michael Crump) .NET Core Podcast – Uno Platform With Jérôme Laban (Jamie Taylor) Getting Started with Ozcode for Desktop Applications on Microsoft WPF (Rami Honig) Vue 3 (Chris Coyier) Announcing TypeScript 4.1 Beta (Daniel Rosenwasser) Web & Cloud Development Tackling the Awkward Squad for Reactive Programming (Ehud […]

Dew Drop – September 1, 2020 (#3266)

Top Links Ionic + Angular: Powering the App store and the web (Mike Hartington) Big Plans for Big Data and .NET for Spark (Jeremy Likness) Yahtzee in Blazor WebAssembly Part 1: The C# Model (Matthew Jones) App Trimming in .NET 5 (Sam Spencer) Introducing the Half type! (Prashanth Govindarajan) Web & Cloud Development Inject a […]

Dew Drop – August 28, 2020 (#3264)

Top Links Noteworthy new Surface Duo app sample (Kristen Halper) Xamarin.Forms New Drawing API! Part 2 | The Xamarin Show (James Montemagno) Automatically find latent bugs in your code with .NET 5 (Jonathon Marolf) Fixing DevOps with Time-Travel Production Debugging for .NET (Idan Shatz) Web & Cloud Development How to Add TypeScript to a JavaScript […]