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Dew Drop – October 7, 2019 (#3045)

Top Links Now is the time to make a fresh new Windows Terminal profiles.json (Scott Hanselman) Code of Conducts, Conferences, and Better Behavior for Everyone (Jeff Fritz) Free C# and Xamarin for Beginners Videos Series (James Montemagno) Cascadia Code 1910.04 (Kayla Cinnamon) Web & Cloud Development Azure Tips & Tricks – Tip 228 – Part […]

Dew Drop – September 26, 2019 (#3039)

Top Links C# 8 Interfaces: Dangerous Assumptions in Default Implementation (Jeremy Clark) Exploring ASP.NET Core 3.0 – Part 5 – Introducing IHostLifetime and untangling the Generic Host startup interactions (Andrew Lock) Use the Alexa Connect Kit, Now Available, to Build Alexa-connected Devices More Easily, Quickly, and Economically (Ben McInnis) Virtual collaboration workspaces for teams, classrooms, […]

Dew Drop – September 23, 2019 (#3036)

Top Links Announcing XAML controls for Microsoft Graph in the Windows Community Toolkit (Elise Yang) What’s the difference between a console, a terminal, and a shell? (Scott Hanselman) Lean Angular Components (Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen) Do Uno Mvvm? (Nick Randolph) Web & Cloud Development Azure Tips & Tricks – Tip 226 – How to enable […]