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Dew Drop – February 11, 2020 (#3131)

Top Links Announcing Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings February update (Eilon Lipton) Create apps for dual-screen devices – Learn how to create apps for dual-screen devices like Surface Duo and Surface Neo (MS Docs) How to test your dual screen device using SensorExplorer 2.0 (Lisa Zhu) Ask a Developer: Jason Gaylord Starts with Documentation, Ends with […]

Dew Drop – January 27, 2020 (#3120)

Top Links Hot Restart available in Uno Platform (Jérôme Laban) Microsoft Learn (Gregor Suttie) Start with Surface Duo development on preview emulator and SDK today (Gunnar Peipman) Abel Wang on DevOps Infrastructure – Azure DevOps Podcast Episode 73 (Jeffrey Palermo) Blazor by Example – Build a simple markdown editor (Jon Hilton) Web & Cloud Development […]

Dew Drop – January 23, 2020 (#3118)

Top Links Getting Started with Blazor Server Apps in Visual Studio for Mac (Sayed-Ibrahim-Hashimi) Xamarin Goes Dual Screen (David Ortinau) Installing the Surface Duo Emulator and SDK (Martin Zikmund) Learning at Lightspeed – TechBash 2019 Keynote with Jeff Fritz (TechBash Dev Conference) Announcing dual-screen preview SDKs and Microsoft 365 Developer Day (Kevin Gallo) Web & […]