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Dew Drop – February 27, 2020 (#3142)

Top Links How to set up Docker within Windows System for Linux (WSL2) on Windows 10 (Scott Hanselman) TechBash 2019 Recorded Session – Get to Green: How to safely refactor legacy code (Gene Gotimer) ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1 Kicks off the Early Access Program! and Rider 2020.1 Starts Early Access Program (Alexander Kurakin) Visual Studio Roadmap […]

Dew Drop – February 25, 2020 (#3140)

Top Links ReSharper 2020.1 Roadmap and Update on running ReSharper out of process (Matt Ellis) Handling Errors in ASP .NET Core 3.1 (Shahed Chowdhuri) What is Visual Studio for Mac? [1 of 4] | Intro to Visual Studio for Mac and Install Visual Studio for Mac and run C# Tutorial [2 of 4] | Intro […]

Dew Drop – February 11, 2020 (#3131)

Top Links Announcing Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings February update (Eilon Lipton) Create apps for dual-screen devices – Learn how to create apps for dual-screen devices like Surface Duo and Surface Neo (MS Docs) How to test your dual screen device using SensorExplorer 2.0 (Lisa Zhu) Ask a Developer: Jason Gaylord Starts with Documentation, Ends with […]