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Dew Drop – September 14, 2020 (#3274)

Top Links XAML Islands Getting Started Guide – Adding UWP Controls to Windows Forms or WPF Application and XAML Back to Basics #13: DataTemplateSelector (Nick Randolph) “await Task.WhenAll” Shows One Exception – Here’s How to See Them All (Jeremy Clark) Using MSBuild Items and Properties in C# 9 Source Generators (Jerome Laban) The New Git […]

Dew Drop – September 4, 2020 (#3269)

Top Links <bit> in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.8 Preview 2 (Charlie Barto) ARM64 Performance in .NET 5 (Kunal Pathak) Build and test dual-screen web apps (Craig Dunn) Microsoft Expressive Pixels: a platform for creativity, inclusion and innovation (Athima Chansanchai) Customizing Trimming in .NET 5 (Sam Spencer) Calling Windows APIs in .NET5 (Windows Developer Team) […]

Dew Drop – September 1, 2020 (#3266)

Top Links Ionic + Angular: Powering the App store and the web (Mike Hartington) Big Plans for Big Data and .NET for Spark (Jeremy Likness) Yahtzee in Blazor WebAssembly Part 1: The C# Model (Matthew Jones) App Trimming in .NET 5 (Sam Spencer) Introducing the Half type! (Prashanth Govindarajan) Web & Cloud Development Inject a […]