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Dew Drop – October 30, 2020 (#3308)

Top Links Distro installation added to WSL –install in Windows 10 insiders preview build 20246 (Craig Loewen) Build Serverless Apps with Azure Functions (Rachel Appel) New updates make Microsoft Edge your daily dashboard for work (Ruchi Rana & Matt Betz) A Tour of C++ Modules in Visual Studio (Will Buik) Working with the camera on […]

Dew Drop – October 13, 2020 (#3295)

Top Links Learn Node.js with this series of short videos for beginners (Yohan Lasorsa) Keeping your WSL Linux instances up to date automatically within Windows 10 (Scott Hanselman) Finding Text More Quickly with Go to Text in ReSharper (Maarten Balliauw) 4 Awesome Tools for .NET Debugging in Production and Dynamic Queries with Expressions Trees in […]

Dew Drop – September 23, 2020 (#3281)

Top Links Using GitHub Codespaces with .NET Core (Tim Heuer) Windows Package Manager Preview (v0.2.2521) (Demitrius Nelon) What’s new in the Windows Subsystem for Linux – September 2020 (Craig Loewen) Using GitHub Actions in Visual Studio is as easy as right-click and Publish (Angelos Petropoulos) Windows Terminal Preview 1.4 Release (Kayla Cinnamon) New Features in […]