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Dew Drop – June 20, 2019 (#2983)

Top Links New Xamarin.Forms XAML IntelliSense in Visual Studio for Mac (Pierce Boggan) Introducing Microsoft Edge preview builds for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 (Microsoft Edge Team) Use Cloud Shell in Visual Studio Code (Thomas Maurer) Best places to learn more about WinDbg (Andy Luhrs) Web & Cloud Development Support for ASP.NET Preview […]

Dew Drop – June 5, 2019 (#2973)

Top Links Awesome Plugins for Rider: UI/UX (Matthias Koch) Snppts – Xamarin.Forms UI Snippets (Steven Thewissen & Gerald Versluis) Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18908 available now! (Kevin Larkin) Trying out Try .NET (Jim Bennett) Web & Cloud Development Beyond Basics – ASP.Net Core Adding Caching (Adam Storr) Integrating Blazor into Existing ASP.NET Core Applications […]

Dew Drop – June 4, 2019 (#2972)

Top Links What’s better than ILDasm? ILSpy and dnSpy are tools to Decompile .NET Code (Scott Hanselman) Building a Real-Time Chat App With SignalR and Xamarin (Bryan Anthony Garcia) MS Dev Show – Visual Studio and .NET – MS Dev Show Podcast (Jason Young & Carl Schweitzer) Angular CLI under the hood — builders demystified v2 (Evgeny […]