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Dew Drop – November 17, 2020 (#3320)

Top Links Introducing the OData Web API Authorization library (Clement Habinshuti) Working With Uno Platform And Rider (Khalid Abuhakmeh) Your dotnet outdated is outdated! Update and help keep your .NET projects up to date (Scott Hanselman) A lap around the Microsoft MVVM Toolkit (Diederik Krols) Web & Cloud Development Adjusting Dates By Adding Date / […]

Dew Drop – November 3, 2020 (#3310)

Top Links .NET 5.0 Launches at .NET Conf, November 10-12 (Beth Massi) Beyond Uno Platform “Getting Started” – Navigation, Platform Specific XAML and C#, MVVM, JavaScript interop and more (Uno Platform Team) HoloLens 2 Development Edition is now available in the United States (Jesse McCulloch) Announcing the general availability of Microsoft To Do APIs on […]

Dew Drop – October 12, 2020 (#3294)

Top Links Cross Platform Managed Memory Dump Debugging (Mark Downie) Embracing a flexible workplace (Kathleen Hogan) Loosely Coupled Show – Blazor: Our first impressions with Andrew Lock (James Hickey & Derek Comartin) Bringing the power of the Monaco Editor to nteract (Sharon Xu) How to profile C# 9.0 Source Generators (Jerome Laban) Web & Cloud […]