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Dew Drop – October 19, 2020 (#3299)

Top Links Svelte for Sites, React for Apps (Shawn ‘swyx’ Wang) What is infrastructure as code? (Jay Gordon) Abstract Classes vs. Interfaces in C# – What You Know is Probably Wrong (Jeremy Clark) A Highly Biased Review of C# Changes from Version 1.0 to 9.0 (Matthew MacDonald) Web & Cloud Development Azure Tips & Tricks […]

Dew Drop – October 2, 2020 (#3288)

Top Links Bringing the browser developer tools to Visual Studio Code (Chris Heilmann) Exploring your .NET applications with dotnet-monitor (Scott Hanselman) Announcing Flutter 1.22 (Chris Sells) .NET Conf 2020 and Community Events this October (Jayme Singleton) .NET Interactive Preview 3: VS Code Insiders and .NET Polyglot Notebooks (Maria Naggaga) Web & Cloud Development Read And […]

Dew Drop – September 24, 2020 (#3282)

Top Links Achieving business resilience with cloud application development (Amanda Silver) Zero Installer, Zero MSIX, Zero Packaging with .NET Single File Apps (Nick Randolph) Announcing Flutter Windows Alpha (Chris Sells) Optimizing Your Website with Fiddler and Lighthouse (Rob Lauer) Web & Cloud Development Securing Azure Functions using Azure AD JWT Bearer token authentication for user […]