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Dew Drop – June 13, 2018 (#2745)

Top Links Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17686 available now! (Clint Rutkas) Getting started with Windows IoT Episode #2: Creating, running and debugging with Pi hardware | Visual Studio Toolbox (Dmitry Lyalin) Blazor it’s here: how to write C# in the browser! (Andrea Angella) More formatting updates in ReSharper and Rider 2018.1.2 (Chris Woodruff) Web […]

Dew Drop – June 12, 2018 (#2744)

Top Links Azure Tips and Tricks Part 131 – Quickly display a list of all Azure Web Apps URL from Azure Cloud Shell (Michael Crump) .NET Rocks! – Microsoft Buys GitHub with Phil Haack (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Announcing PostSharp 6.0 RC (Gael Fraiteur) Microservice Architecture with ASP.NET Core | On .NET (Cecil Phillip, […]

Dew Drop – May 31, 2018 (#2736)

Top Links ASP.NET Core 2.1.0 now available (Daniel Roth) Announcing Entity Framework Core 2.1 and Announcing .NET Core 2.1 (Rich Lander) Component composition, just-in-time-compilation, the UI thread – ReSharper performance series (Maarten Balliauw) Announcing Windows Community Toolkit v3.0 (Nikola Metulev) Web & Cloud Development WebStorm 2018.2 EAP, 182.2757: Vue events, TypeScript 2.9, faster startup for […]