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Dew Drop – April 21, 2020 (#3180)

Top Links Mobile Blazor Bindings – Navigation and Xamarin Essentials (Chris Sainty) Connect people across the entire organization through communities in Microsoft Teams (Murali Sitaram) The Cognitive Services + Xamarin Combo Challenge! (Matt Soucoup) Production Tips for ASP .NET Core 3.1 Web Apps (Shahed Chowdhuri) Nullable Reference Types: Migrating a Codebase – A Look at […]

Dew Drop – April 7, 2020 (#3170)

Top Links .NET 5.0, VS2019 Preview and C# 9.0 for ASP .NET Core developers (Shahed Chowdhuri) Git at 15: How Git Changed the Way We Code (Jack Wallen) Introducing the Next-Generation Postman URL Processor (Kin Lane) Mobile Blazor Bindings – Layout and Styling (Chris Sainty) Move OData to .NET 5 (Sam Xu) Web & Cloud […]

Dew Drop – February 7, 2020 (#3129)

Top Links Version 9 of Angular Now Available— Project Ivy has arrived! (Stephen Fluin) Build .NET AOT for WebAssembly in Visual Studio with Uno Platform (Jérôme Laban) AWS SDK for .NET v3.5 Preview (Aaron Costley) Mobile Blazor Bindings – Getting Started + Why You Should Care (Dylan Berry) .NET Interactive is here! | .NET Notebooks […]