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Dew Drop (Catch-Up Edition) – June 26, 2016 (#2275)

Top Links The Aurelia Release Candidate is Here!!! and Introducing the Aurelia HUB Beta!!! and Aurelia Interface Update (Rob Eisenberg) Stop saying learning to code is easy. and Forgotten (but Awesome) Windows Command Prompt Features (Scott Hanselman) Angular 2 RC3 Now Available (Stephen Fluin) On the Road to Release: Redesigning Visual Studio Installation (Tim Sneath) […]

Dew Drop – December 1, 2015 (#2142)

Top Links What’s New in Visual Studio Update 1 for .NET Managed Languages (Kasey Uhlenhuth) NuGet 3.3 Release (Jeff Fritz) Visual Studio Update 1 RTM (John Montgomery) Announcing TypeScript 1.7 (Gaurav Seth)   Web Development HTML5 Mastery: Scoping Rules (Florian Rappl) PHP 7 RC7 x86 is here for Azure Web Apps (Openness Team) Working With […]

Dew Drop – May 8, 2015 (#2010)

Top Links Bringing Asm.js to Chakra and Microsoft Edge (Abhijith Chatra & Gaurav Seth) Real World Cross-Platform Development with Visual Studio 2015: Synergex (Eric Battalio) Writing and distributing Roslyn analyzers with MyGet (Maarten Balliauw) Wizards and warriors, part four (Eric Lippert)   Web Development Making Angular’s $http work with Request.IsAjaxRequest() (Dave Ward) ECMAScript 6 in […]