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Dew Drop – September 28, 2018 (#2813)

Top Links Building a More Diverse and Inclusive Team (Christina Warren) Announcing CodeSandbox Containers (Ives van Hoorne) Introducing Microsoft Learn (Microsoft Developer) TechBash to Stream Scott Hunter’s .NET Keynote on Thu 10/4. Plus streaming sessions all day Thursday! Subscribe to our YouTube channel! (TechBash Team) Web & Cloud Development Preloading Lazy-Loaded Feature Modules In Angular […]

Dew Drop – December 7, 2017 (#2619)

Top Links .NET Rocks! Show 1500 – the History of .NET (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Windows Template Studio 1.5 released (Clint Rutkas) Snapshot Debugging with Visual Studio 2017: Now Ready for Production (Nikhil Joglekar) Angular 5.1 & More Now Available (Stephen Fluin) Web & Cloud Development Azure Tips and Tricks Part 64 – Using […]

Dew Drop – October 30, 2013 (#1,656)

Top Links Var Wars (Jakub Chodounský) Viewing Your Code Through Visual Studio’s CodeLens (Richard Banks) Put your controllers on a diet: GETs and queries (Jimmy Bogard) Getting rid of StandardStyles.xaml in Windows 8.1 and Using AppBarButton in Windows 8.1 (Tim Heuer)   Web Development Windows Azure Website issue with Portable class library (David Burela) Free […]