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Dew Drop – October 9, 2020 (#3293)

Top Links Using machine learning with RavenDB (Oren Eini) Developing for Microsoft Surface Duo accessories (Craig Dunn) .NET Rocks! – GitHub Codespaces with Anthony van der Hoorn (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) How to Debug C# 9 Source Code Generators (Nick Randolph) What is happening to .NET standard with .NET 5? | One Dev Question […]

Dew Drop – September 17, 2020 (#3277)

Top Links The future of .NET Standard (Immo Landwerth) Supporting iOS 14 and Xcode 12 with Flutter (Chris Sells) Steeltoe – External Configuration with Spring | On .NET (Cecil Phillip) Sneak Peek at Syncfusion WinUI 3 Preview Controls (Sivakumar R) Web & Cloud Development Build a React App with ANT Design Principles (Nickolas Fisher) GraphQL […]

Dew Drop – August 28, 2020 (#3264)

Top Links Noteworthy new Surface Duo app sample (Kristen Halper) Xamarin.Forms New Drawing API! Part 2 | The Xamarin Show (James Montemagno) Automatically find latent bugs in your code with .NET 5 (Jonathon Marolf) Fixing DevOps with Time-Travel Production Debugging for .NET (Idan Shatz) Web & Cloud Development How to Add TypeScript to a JavaScript […]