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Dew Drop – September 18, 2020 (#3278)

Top Links MVVM With Xamarin.Forms and JetBrains Rider (Khalid Abuhakmeh) App Compatibility for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Consoles (Akhila Murella) XAML Back to Basics #15: TreeView (Nick Randolph) GitHub CLI 1.0 is now available (Amanda Pinsker) PowerToys: Utilities to customize Windows 10 | Tabs vs Spaces (Matt Wojo) Web & Cloud Development […]

Dew Drop – August 25, 2020 (#3261)

Top Links The making of Visual Studio IntelliCode’s first deep learning model: a research journey (Shengyu Fu) Developer Forum Moving from MSDN to Q&A (Eric Urban) Using WebAssembly Modules in C# (Uno Platform Team) Looking back—The 25th Anniversary of Windows 95 (Brandon LeBlanc) Web & Cloud Development Creating React and TypeScript apps with Webpack (Carl […]

Dew Drop – July 17, 2020 (#3236)

Top Links App Themes for Xamarin.Forms (David Ortinau) How to make separate Work and Personal Profiles with the New Microsoft Edge on Beyonce’s Internet (Scott Hanselman) Microsoft Surface Duo Emulator updated with Jetpack Window Manager preview (Guy Merin) Getting Started with Ozcode for Remote Debugging on IIS (Idan Shatz) .NET Foundation Board Elections – Meet […]