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Dew Drop – August 19, 2020 (#3257)

Top Links XAML Back to Basics #9: CollectionViewSource (Nick Randolph) Webinar – Xamarin, MAUI and the reactive MVVM between them (Maarten Balliauw) Blazor vs Vue (Jon Hilton) Using Visual Studio Mac: 5 Handy Hidden Tools (Matthew Robbins) Web & Cloud Development Use Select Dropdown In ASP.NET Razor (Khalid Abuhakmeh) JavaScript Modules in 2020 (Carl Rippon) […]

Dew Drop – August 14, 2020 (#3254)

Top Links ANNOUNNCING: Uno Platform 3.0 – Linux Support, Fluent, Material and more. (Uno Platform) ReSharper 2020.2: Improved Code Analysis for C# 8, Code Cleanup on Save, and Revamped Unit Test Runner (Alexandra Kolesova) Free Books for Learning and Getting Started with Cloud-Native .NET Apps (Scott Hanselman) Source Generators in C# | Visual Studio Toolbox […]

Dew Drop – June 10, 2020 (#3215)

I’ll be taking some time off to work on a project at home for several days. Posts will be intermittent until June 22nd. Top Links The VS Code Go extension joins the Go project (The Go Team) Modernization Story: Windows Forms to .NET Core, XAML Islands and MSIX Core (Robert Evans) Nushell 0.15.0 (The Nu […]