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Dew Drop – November 15, 2017 (#2604)

Top Links Working with Rider’s built-in terminal (Maarten Balliauw) .NET Framework November 2017 Security and Quality Rollup and .NET Core November 2017 Update (Rich Lander) Xamarin Preview Release: 15.5 Preview 4 (Brendan Zagaeski) Azure Tips and Tricks Part 51 – Debug Azure Functions with Visual Studio Code (Michael Crump) Web & Cloud Development Supporting Azure […]

Dew Drop – November 9, 2017 (#2600)

Top Links .NET Rocks! – DevOps for Everyone with Donovan Brown and Damian Brady (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Lightweight bundling, minifying, and compression, for CSS and JavaScript with ASP.NET Core and Smidge (Scott Hanselman) Dependency Injection | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Cake: IntelliSense in Visual Studio Code (Martin Björkström) Web & Cloud Development […]

Dew Drop – November 7, 2017 (#2598)

Top Links VS for Mac Preview Release: 15.5 Preview 3 (Brendan Zagaeski) Assert.AreEqual in MSTest – done right (Dror Helper) Azure Tips and Tricks Part 46 – Run an app inside a Container Image with Docker (Michael Crump) Simplified App Signing with Secure Files in Visual Studio Team Services (James Montemagno) Web & Cloud Development […]