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Dew Drop – March 5, 2018 (#2677)

Top Links A multi-player server-side GameBoy Emulator written in .NET Core and Angular (Scott Hanselman) Implementing IXmlSerializable in readonly structs (Jon Skeet) Azure Tips and Tricks Part 100 – Creating an Email Subscription with Azure Functions – Sending Emails (Michael Crump) TWC9: Times Square Edition, .NET Core 2.1 Preview 1, Microsoft Genomics, and more | […]

Dew Drop – February 7, 2018 (#2660)

Top Links Microsoft Writing Style Guide Released (Palle Petersen) A new experiment: Browser-based web apps with .NET and Blazor (Daniel Roth) Pluralsight & Stack Overflow: Helping the World’s Developers Learn New Skills (Rachel Ferrigno) SpaceX just launched the Falcon Heavy, its most powerful rocket, and landed 2 boosters (Miriam Kramer) Welcoming Progressive Web Apps to […]

Dew Drop – January 31, 2018 (#2655)

Top Links Building VSTS/TFS Tasks with TypeScript and VS Code (James Montemagno) Text highlighting in WinDbg Preview (Andy Luhrs) Webinar Recording | Xamarin University Presents: Ship Better Apps with Visual Studio App Center (Courtney Witmer) CodePlex has been archived (Martin Woodward) Web Development Book Review: Refactoring JavaScript (Ian Elliot) Aurelia Toolbelt – Get Started (Saeed […]