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Dew Drop – December 17, 2015 (#2154)

Top Links Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11082 (Gabe Aul) Learning Meteor.js: A Simple Chat App Tutorial (Ricky Robinett) Lock Me Down Show 1: Double Agent and Show 2: Ashley Madison and Show 3: Interview – Sijmen Ruwhof and Show 4: Black Wednesday (Max McCarty) .NET Rocks! – Smarthome Geek Out (Carl Franklin & […]

Dew Drop – December 7, 2015 (#2146)

Top Links Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine to go open-source (Gaurav Seth & Adalberto Foresti) 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Angular Material (Lukas Ruebbelke) Announcing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586.29 (Gabe Aul) The 2015 Christmas List of Best STEM Toys for your little nerds and nerdettes (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development PHP […]

Dew Drop – July 27, 2015 (#2061)

Top Links CSLA .NET version 4.6 just around the corner (Rockford Lhotka) ReSharper 9.1.3 to the Rescue (Jura Gorohovsky) TWC9: Visual Studio 2015 Launch is a Go! | This Week On Channel 9 (Greg Duncan, Vladimir Kolesnikov & Nikola Metulev) Getting Your Build Server Ready for VS 2015 (James Chambers)   Web Development Limitations with […]

Dew Drop – April 22, 2015 (#1998)

Top Links Precedence: ordering or grouping? (Jon Skeet) Languages features in C# 6 and VB 14 (Mads Torgersen) 8 Resharper shortcuts everyone should know (Vladimir Khorikov) What’s new in Microsoft Design Language 2 for Windows 10 (Daniel Rubino) Join me at various Build events across America (Tim Heuer) – Look for me in New York […]