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Dew Drop – July 7, 2017 (#2515)

Top Links “Xamarin University Presents” Webinar Recordings (Mark Smith) Hands on with Visual Studio for Mac – Part 2 (Craig Dunn) A Wiki preview on VSTS (Brian Harry) Command Pattern architecture in your Bot using Scorables (Pablo Constantini, Ezequiel Jadib & Matthew Shim) Web & Cloud Development Your First TypeScript Angular 2 App (Peter Vogel) […]

Dew Drop – May 26, 2017 (#2488)

Top Links Using .NET and Docker Together (Rich Lander) Xamarin Podcast Episode 41: Previewing Xamarin.Forms 3.0 (Pierce Boggan) Announcing General Availability of Work item search (Subrahmanya Srinivas) Which is better – React Native or Xamarin Forms? (Adrian Hall) Web & Cloud Development Validating / Consuming Mount-Path Parameters With Middleware In Express.js And Node.js (Ben Nadel) […]

Dew Drop – March 14, 2017 (#2439)

Top Links Building Your First Xamarin.Forms App with Xamarin for Visual Studio (Adrian Stevens) – Xamarin University recorded webinar. Visual Studio 2017 Poster (Tim Sneath) Getting Started with Async / Await (Jon Goldberger) Using dotPeek to figure out why IIS crashed (Maarten Balliauw)   Web Development Managing Stream Back-Pressure During Asynchronous Tasks Using READABLE and […]