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Dew Drop – June 16, 2017 (#2502)

Top Links How to reference a .NET Core library in WinForms – Or, .NET Standard Explained (Scott Hanselman) When to Use ES2015 Modules Instead of Angular Dependency Injection (and When Not to) (Aaron Marisi) Download Stack Overflow’s 2017 Developer Survey Data (Kevin Troy) Developers who use spaces make more money than those who use tabs […]

Dew Drop – January 28, 2015 (#1942)

Top Links Licensing changes – User acceptance testing and Agile planning (Brian Harry) Netflix’s Viewing Data: How We Know Where You Are in House of Cards (Philip Fisher-Ogden) Master these 6 tech skills to stay relevant in 2015 (Aaron Skonnard) Why Surface Hub is more interesting than HoloLens (Mike Elgan) The Developer’s Guide to the […]

Dew Drop – January 28, 2014 (#1711)

Top Links Free ebooks: Now on the Microsoft Virtual Academy site (Kim Spilker) Review: Postman Client Makes RESTful API Exploration a Breeze (Janet Wagner) Of Orcs and Software Craftsmanship (K. Scott Allen) Why isn’t People-Centric UI Design taking off? (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development From the MVPs: Windows Azure cache options (Michael Collier) Understanding click […]