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Packt Publishing is having a 48-hour sale. Get all print books including my two titles, Learn WinUI 3 and Parallel Programming and Concurrency with C# 10 and .NET 6, at 40% off their list price. Use this link to access the sale.

Note: All print titles include free access to the eBook version. AI-powered assistants available on top 500 titles.

Ad image that states: 48 Hours Only - 40 percent off all print books from Packt Publishing. Sale ends January 5th, 2024. All print titles include free access to the eBook version. AI-powered assistants available on top 500 titles.
Learn WinUI 3, Second Edition

My new book, Learn WinUI 3, 2nd Edition is now available

Learn WinUI 3, 2nd Edition was published on October 31st! Get your print or Kindle copy on Amazon today or read it online with a subscription from Packt Publishing.

Many thanks to Peter Foot for his tech review of the content and to the Packt editors for helping me get this into your hands a few weeks early. All the code and content in the second edition have been updated to work with the latest Windows App SDK versions available today. It also includes three brand-new chapters on app notifications, Template Studio for WinUI, and porting WinUI 3 apps to Uno Platform.
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If you’re attending TechBash 2023 next week, I’ll be there with five signed copies of the book to give away to some lucky attendees. If you’re interested in WinUI and cross-platform apps, Steve Bilogan will also be at TechBash, presenting a half-day workshop on creating xplat .NET apps with Uno Platform. There’s still time to register, and you can get 10% off with EventBrite code DOTNET10. I hope to see some of you there!
Learn WinUI 3, Second Edition

The Dew Review – C# 10 and .NET 6 – Modern Cross-Platform Development, 6th Ed (@packtpub) by Mark J. Price

I received an eBook review copy of this updated .NET resource by Mr. Price and wanted to provide some of my initial thoughts on the book. I have read previous editions of this book, reviewed the topics covered by this new edition, and read several of the sections in detail to get a sense of who could benefit from reading it and how it has been updated. I continue to be impressed by the quality, breadth, and depth of this book and the updates made for .NET 6 and C# 10.

Like my previous review of the fourth edition, I still recommend this book to several different types of developers:

  1. New, aspiring developers – The book offers some great history on .NET development and lays a solid foundation for starting your development journey with Visual Studio, VS Code or VS for Mac. Language and framework fundamentals are explained and enhanced with useful exercises at the end of each chapter, reinforcing the concepts. Some basic development concepts/practices, such as inheritance and unit testing, are discussed in the early chapters.
  2. Experienced .NET Framework developers new to .NET 6 – The chapters on new .NET 6 and ASP.NET Core features step through the changes and enhancements that were significant to each release. There is a section on porting apps from .NET Framework to .NET Core and .NET 6, discussing how this can be done and whether it should be done (hint: usually not).
  3. Developers using older versions of C#. – There are sections on the features of each C# version, explaining how the language has evolved over the years with .NET.

The section on Entity Framework and EF Core is also a great intro to object-relational mapping (ORM) concepts for developers with little to no exposure to it.

I have really enjoyed this book so far. I’m looking forward to buying my own print copy to continue exploring it. For me, print is the best way to get the most out of this kind of programming book. Shorter books on specific topics can work better as eBooks, but I like to keep copies of large reference books on my desk to quickly flip to bookmarked pages. Check out the free Kindle sample here on Amazon. I think you’ll like what you read and will want to order a copy for yourself.