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Dew Drop – February 9, 2016 (#2184)

Top Links Project.json all the things (Oren Novotny) GitHub Activity Guilt and the Coder’s FitBit (Scott Hanselman) OWASP #6 Preventing Sensitive Data Exposure in ASP.NET – Part 2 (Max R. McCarty) Meet the M.o.N.K.E.y Stack! (Jen Looper) – Can’t wait for the #PuppyMoNKEyBaby  stack.   Web Development Differentiating Between Initialization And Update With ngOnChanges() In […]

Dew Drop – February 8, 2016 (#2183)

Top Links Diversity and the Tech Worker Life Cycle (Elise Wei) Syntax highlighting on WordPress with Prism and Markdown (Oren Novotny) DZone Refcardz – Scrum (Michael James) Android Studio 2.0 – Beta (Jamal Eason)   Web Development Building A Better Mental Model For Meta-Data In Angular 2 Beta 3 and Defining Optional Dependencies / Arguments […]

Dew Drop – October 27, 2015 (#2120)

Top Links Visual Studio Code 0.9.2 (or, how many squares do you see?) (Chris Dias) Nulls Break Polymorphism and TDD with Visual Studio 2015 – Day 26 – Visual Studio 2015 (Steve Smith) .NET Rocks! – F# 4.0 with Lincoln Atkinson (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) New Xbox One Experience launching on November 12 (Dan […]

Dew Drop – December 2, 2014 (#1906)

Top Links Update to XML Notepad (Chris Lovett) OzCode Code Challenge – Test Your Knowledge and Enter to Win a Free License (OzCode Team) Analyze This, Analyze That, Writing .NET Code Analyzers and Fixers (Greg Duncan) When is an identifier not an identifier? (Attack of the Mongolian Vowel Separator) (Jon Skeet)   Web Development Canceling […]