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Dew Drop – June 27, 2017 (#2508)

Top Links 7 lesser known hacks for debugging in Visual Studio (Kaycee Anderson) Exploring CQRS within the Brighter .NET open source project (Scott Hanselman) .NET Rocks! – Ideas from Build with Holger Mueller (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Interactive 3D with UrhoSharp and Workbooks (Charles Petzold)   Web & Cloud Development Testing ASP.NET Core Controllers […]

Dew Drop – February 17, 2017 (#2424)

Top Links Hanselminutes – The Return of Mo – Lessons from Scott (Scott Hanselman) Adding static file caching to live.asp.net (Damian Edwards) Dear #MongoDB users, we welcome you in #Azure #DocumentDB (Rimma Nehme) 5 Features to Watch in Visual Studio 2017 (Scott Addie)   Web Development Returning Raw JSON Data in Web API with Marten […]

Dew Drop – October 17, 2016 (#2346)

Top Links LightSwitch Update (Visual Studio Team) Exploring ASP.NET Core with Docker in both Linux and Windows Containers (Scott Hanselman) Channel9 video (nr 2) on Microsoft Band Development (Iris Classon) Improved overall Visual Studio “15” Responsiveness (Dan Taylor)   Web Development Chart Controls using TagHelpers & morris.js (Hisham Bin Ateya) Tips and Tricks for Debugging […]