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Dew Drop – September 14, 2018 (#2803)

Top Links How to access private Azure DevOps repos from a Dockerfile! (Jessica Deen) – Catch Jessica’s DevOps session at the TechBash dev conference in the Poconos on 10/3. A complete containerized .NET Core Application microservice that is as small as possible (Scott Hanselman) Announcing PowerShell Core 6.1 (Joey Aiello) Announcing TypeScript 3.1 RC (Daniel […]

Dew Drop – June 28, 2018 (#2755)

Top Links Windows Command-Line: The Evolution of the Windows Command-Line (Rich Turner) Women in Business & Technology Podcast 024 – Committing to culture with Microsoft’s Chief People Officer Kathleen Hogan (Sonia Dara & Colleen O’Brien) Angular Elements: how does this magic work under the hood? (Jia Li) Vue + TypeScript: A Match Made in Your […]

Dew Drop – April 4, 2018 (#2698)

Top Links Playing in the Sandbox: How We Created Minecraft’s Multi-Platform Design (Mark Grinols) Introduction :: Learn Blazor (Learn Blazor) Tame Your Giant, Beastly Dependency Injection Registration Class and Ride It Into Glorious Victory (Scott Hannen) Memory View – Exploring .NET memory while debugging with Rider 2018.1 (Maarten Balliauw) Web & Cloud Development Geospatial Search […]