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Dew Drop – December 4, 2019 (#3085)

Top Links ASP.NET Core updates in .NET Core 3.1 (Sourabh Shirhatti) Announcing .NET Core 3.1 (Rich Lander) ‘Tis the Season for the Visual Studio 2019 v16.4 Release (Jacqueline Widdis) Cybertruck in XAML and running Cross-Platform with WebAssembly (Uno Platform) Web & Cloud Development Use Blazor in your existing ASP.NET Core 3.x application (Jon Hilton) Learning […]

Dew Drop – November 26, 2019 (#3080)

Top Links Introducing WinUI ItemsRepeater and Friends (Diederik Krols) Kubernetes is a platform for building platforms. Here’s what that means. (Richard Seroter) Introducing “The Loop”: A Foundation in Listening (Sara Chipps & Juan Garza) Developing for the new category of dual-screen devices built for mobile productivity (Kevin Gallo) Web & Cloud Development Integrating an Azure […]

Dew Drop – November 12, 2019 (#3070)

Top Links Use C# 8 In Any .NET Project Today (James Montemagno) The 6 Figure Developer Episode 117 – Modernizing Apps with K. Scott Allen (John Callaway) Building Modern Cloud Applications using Pulumi and .NET Core (Pulumi Team) VLC and Windows Lamp now supported in Uno Platform (Uno Platform Team) Web & Cloud Development Deploying […]