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Dew Drop – March 17, 2017 (#2442)

Top Links Visual Studio 2017 Update Preview and Windows 10 Creators Update SDK (Daniel Jacobson) Get started with VS Code using C# and .NET Core on a Mac (Kendra Havens) Introducing the Kimono Designer for SkiaSharp (Kevin Mullins) Hanselminutes – Feedback Driven Design with Windows 10 (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Logging And Debugging Unhandled […]

Dew Drop – April 8, 2015 (#1989)

Top Links Xamarin for Students Gets Even Better with Expansion to Visual Studio (Joseph Hill) Aurelia Hello World with ASP.NET 5 (K. Scott Allen) Connect(“Live”); – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & TypeScript Live Q&A (Dmitry Lyalin) New Fiddler Offerings (Eric Lawrence)   Web Development Annotated Version of the Original jQuery Release (John Resig) ASP.NET Identity 2.2.1 […]

Dew Drop – October 13, 2014 (#1875)

Top Links Let’s Build an AngularJS App! (Jeremy Likness) Using a Surface Pro 3 full time for two months (Scott Hanselman) NavigationService in MVVM Light V5 and DialogService in MVVM Light V5 (Marco Minerva) Windows Technical Preview Install Guide: Upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 (Paul Thurrott)   Web Development My First Look At […]