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Dew Drop – May 17, 2017 (#2481)

Top Links Introducing Auth0 Extend: The new way to extend your SaaS (Glenn Block) Announcing Git Integration for Atom and GitHub Desktop Beta (Phil Haack) Announcing Windows Template Studio (Michael Crump) SQL Server Command Line Tools for macOS released (Meet Bhagdev)   Web & Cloud Development Exploring Program.cs, Startup.cs and CreateDefaultBuilder in ASP.NET Core 2 […]

Dew Drop – March 14, 2017 (#2439)

Top Links Building Your First Xamarin.Forms App with Xamarin for Visual Studio (Adrian Stevens) – Xamarin University recorded webinar. Visual Studio 2017 Poster (Tim Sneath) Getting Started with Async / Await (Jon Goldberger) Using dotPeek to figure out why IIS crashed (Maarten Balliauw)   Web Development Managing Stream Back-Pressure During Asynchronous Tasks Using READABLE and […]

Dew Drop – January 31, 2017 (#2411)

Top Links Announcing .NET Core, .NET Native and NuGet Updates in VS 2017 RC and January 2017 Update for ASP.NET Core 1.1 (Rich Lander) C# IL Viewer for Visual Studio Code using Roslyn side project (Joseph Woodward) Register Now For MVP-Led TechDays Online (MVP Award Program) Windows 10 Cloud is Microsoft’s fresh Chrome OS alternative […]