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Dew Drop – October 26, 2015 (#2119)

Top Links Choosing a Front-End Framework: Angular vs. Ember vs. React (Zach Kuhn) Learn Roslyn Now: Part 15 The SymbolVisitor (Josh Varty) An open letter about the terms “F#” and “Visual F#” (Don Syme) How to Use Modernizr Responsibly (Jérémy Heleine)   Web Development ASP.NET MVC 6 View Injection using Inject and ASP.NET 5 Middleware […]

Dew Drop – April 28, 2015 (#2002)

Top Links Squirrel – replace ClickOnce the easy way (Gregor Suttie) Wizards and warriors, part one (Eric Lippert) //build/ 2015 (Greg Duncan) What’s New in Fiddler 4.5.1 (Eric Lawrence) Running Suave.io and F# with FAKE in Azure Web Apps with Git and the Deploy Button (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Securing ASP.NET MVC applications using […]

Dew Drop – February 4, 2014 (#1716)

Top Links Introducing Microsoft’s new CEO: Satya Nadella (Aimee Riordan) Satya Nadella is Microsoft’s new CEO, Gates steps down as Chairman of the Board (Kip Kniskern) Microsoft goes internal for its next CEO with Satya Nadella (Mary Jo Foley) Satya Nadella’s full memo to Microsoft staffers: ‘We need to believe in the impossible and remove […]