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Dew Drop – January 16, 2019 (#2879)

Top Links Visual Studio for Mac: Overview | Visual Studio Toolbox and Visual Studio for Mac: Acquisition | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Codemash 2019 Reading List (Jake Fenton) Enhanced Mobile App Versioning in Azure DevOps (VSTS) with Mobile Tasks (James Montemagno) Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18312 available now! (Clint Rutkas) TechBash 2018 – […]

Dew Drop – January 15, 2012 (#1,243)

Top Links Windows Phone 7.1(5) Emulator Skin Switcher v1.2 and source now available (Greg Duncan) The Learn to Code Movement and Software Security (Mark Curphey) Skype coming soon to Windows Phone (or is it?) – updated (Kip Kniskern) 31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design | #3 Ideation and Concept (Arturo Toledo)   .NET / […]

Dew Drop – January 14, 2012 (#1,242)

Top Links 10th Day of Silverlight : O/S Integration and 11th Day of Silverlight : 3D (Tony Champion) JavaScript for C# developers: the Module pattern (part 4) – debugging (Julian M. Bucknall) Comparing Strings in Unit Tests (Phil Haack) Fluent Assertions 1.7.0 has been released (Dennis Doomen)   .NET / Visual Studio Implementing IEqualityComparer (Richard […]