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Dew Drop – January 16, 2014 (#1703)

Top Links Visually Creating Snippets (Ala Shiban & Maya Arbel) Roslyn performance (Matt Gertz) Debugging Internet Explorer – A Beginner’s Guide (Eric Lawrence) ATBG: inconsistent equality (Eric Lippert)   Web Development JavaScript Kinetic Scrolling: Part 5 (Cover Flow Effect) (Ariya Hidayat) The Next Phase of Node.js (Isaac Z. Schlueter) Some notes on using Organizational Auth […]

Dew Drop – July 3, 2013 (#1,578)

Top Links Running the Windows Phone Emulator on Windows 8.1 Preview (Cliff Simpkins) Rendering multiple views for a single viewmodel with Caliburn Micro (Rohit Sharma) Visual Studio Performance – Providing Feedback (Nathan Halstead) Code Completion Improvements in ReSharper 8 (Dmitri Nesteruk)   Web Development dhtmlxScheduler 4.0: Integration with jQuery, Backbone.js, and More (dhtmlx Team) Fix […]

Dew Drop – September 18, 2012 (#1,403)

Top Links Roslyn September 2012 CTP is out! (Kirill Osenkov) Announcing: Great Improvements to Windows Azure Web Sites (Scott Guthrie) Another Microsoft Developer Division leader moves to Windows Azure (Mary Jo Foley) – Good luck to Jason Zander in his new role! EF Nightly Builds Available (Entity Framework Team)   Web Development JavaScript: single quotes […]

Dew Drop – January 9, 2012 (#1,237)

Top Links 31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design | #2 The Design Process of a Windows Phone App (Arturo Toledo) Syncing Visual Studio Extensions and Settings with Dropbox (Lars Wilhelmsen) SOLID JavaScript: The Interface Segregation Principle (Derek Greer) The evolution of asynchronous controllers in ASP.NET MVC (Simone Chiaretta) ASP.NET session hijacking with Google and […]