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Dew Drop – July 14, 2011

Top Links ASP.NET MVC 4 Roadmap (Phil Haack) Project Silk Drop 13 (Karl Shifflett) Removing the BackStack Entry in Windows Phone (Jesse Liberty) Bart De Smet: Interactive Extensions (Ix) (Charles Torre)   .NET / Visual Studio MEF DirectoryCatalog Fails to Load Assemblies and EasyNetQ: How Should a Messaging Client Handle Errors? (Mike Hadlow) Team Foundation […]

Dew Drop – May 18, 2011

Top Links Did you just take a dump on standard versioning practices? (Hadi Hariri) Message Handlers vs Operation Handlers which one to use? (Glenn Block) Eduasync part 5: making Task awaitable (Jon Skeet) Using Google Prediction API in .NET (Keyvan Nayyeri)   .NET / Visual Studio Introducing LINQ to HPC (MS Downloads) C#/.NET Fundamentals: Of […]

Dew Drop–December 16, 2010

Jump to: Top Links | .NET / Visual Studio | Web Development | Design / Methodology / Testing | Silverlight / WPF / Windows Phone | Podcasts / Screencasts / Videos | Community / Events | Database | Miscellaneous | More Link Collections | The Geek Shelf   Top Links ASP.NET MVC 3: Razor’s @: […]