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Dew Drop – May 29, 2011

Top Links Facelift for the Windows Phone 7 Social Viewer Template (Nick Randolph) WP7 Marketplace Hits 20,000 Apps!! (Hyde13) “Mango” from the trenches part 2: Starting a Bing Maps navigation #wp7dev (Laurent Bugnion) Eduasync part 8: generated code from a complex async method (Jon Skeet)   .NET / Visual Studio A Simple Windows Forms Template […]

Dew Drop – May 24, 2011

Top Links MVVM Backlash (Ward Bell) Coding4Fun WP7 ColorSlider in depth (Windows Phone Geek) Read-only and threadsafe are different (Eric Lippert) Build data-driven sites using the MVC 3 Tools Update with MvcScaffolding (Rachel Appel)   .NET / Visual Studio 3 Easy Ways to Learn About Visual Studio vNext Application Lifecycle Management (Brian Keller) NuGet Package […]

Dew Drop – May 23, 2011

Top Links Maybe – The Uh, Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (Jordan Terrell) Attracting Developers to Your API (Alex Willen) Paint.NET 4.0 build 4158 screenshot (Rick Brewster) A few tips for working with XAML inside of Visual Studio 2010. (Michael Crump)   .NET / Visual Studio LINQ ToLookup Operator (Richard Carr) DXCore Services – […]