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Dew Drop – August 11-12, 2013 (#1,601)

Top Links Everyone can build an app – introducing Windows Phone App Studio beta (Emilio Salvador Prieto) Announcing TypeScript 0.9.1 (Jonathan Turner) Get front row seats for the unboxing of Xbox One (Jennifer Warnick) Pixar’s Sneak Peek at Next 3 Major Movies (Chris Taylor)   Web Development Why JavaScript Will Become The Dominant Programming Language […]

Dew Drop – August 1, 2013 (#1,597)

Top Links Announcing the release of the Windows Azure SDK 2.1 for .NET (Scott Guthrie) The Improved Microsoft Developer Network (Brian Harry) Development with Visual Studio 2013 Preview and SQL Server 2014 CTP1 on Windows 8.1 Preview – it is possible? (Mihail Mateev) Web Essentials 2013 Preview | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green)   Web […]

Dew Drop – May 18, 2011

Top Links Did you just take a dump on standard versioning practices? (Hadi Hariri) Message Handlers vs Operation Handlers which one to use? (Glenn Block) Eduasync part 5: making Task awaitable (Jon Skeet) Using Google Prediction API in .NET (Keyvan Nayyeri)   .NET / Visual Studio Introducing LINQ to HPC (MS Downloads) C#/.NET Fundamentals: Of […]