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Dew Drop – March 22, 2018 (#2689)

Top Links Visual Studio for Mac version 7.5 Preview 1 (Miguel de Icaza) Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.7 Preview 2 (Christine Ruana) dotCover 2018.1: Better continuous testing and more! (Alexey Totin) Cross platform code coverage arrives for .NET Core (Shayne Boyer) Web & Cloud Development JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks and Futures, Oh Yes! (Alyssa Nicoll) […]

Dew Drop – October 17, 2017 (#2583)

Top Links Using ASP.NET Core with Azure Cloud Services (Oren Novotny) Beta Docker for Mac and Windows with Kubernetes (Michael Friis) The Art of Comments (Sarah Drasner) How to handle navigation events in MVVM using Windows Template Studio (Marco Minerva) Web & Cloud Development Using The LESS CSS fade Method To Apply Opacity To A […]

Dew Drop – November 11, 2015 (#2130)

Top Links .NET Rocks! – Readying ASP.NET vNext with Damian Edwards (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Introducing Cadru 2.0 (Scott Dorman) The Evolution of JavaScript (K. Scott Allen) Shipping a New Mindset with SQLite in Windows 10 (Usman Anwer)   Web Development ASP.NET 5 and CoreCLR Bounty Program (Jason Gaylord) How to work with Enums […]