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Dew Drop – October 6, 2015 (#2105)

Top Links We have exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices (Microsoft Devices Team) Learn You Node with VS Code (G. Andrew Duthie) Next Generation of Dreamweaver and Update from the Adobe Brackets Team (Ryan Stewart) Penny Pinching in the Cloud: Your web app doesn’t need 64-bit (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Introducing ASP.NET […]

Dew Drop – May 6, 2015 (#2008)

Top Links Resources for Building ASP.NET with Microsoft Azure (Jeff Fritz) Introducing Microsoft Edge Dev (Kyle Pflug & Anton Molleda) Writing a Brackets extension in TypeScript, in Brackets (Dan) Common mistakes in date/time formatting and parsing (Jon Skeet)   Web Development Web Optimization – Development and Production in ASP.NET MVC6 (Dave Paquette) 401 Response from […]

Dew Drop – April 16, 2015 (#1994)

Top Links Quick news: Save 45% on all ebooks (Kim Spilker) Conference Season Spring 2015 – DotNetFringe, AngleBrackets, BUILD and more! (Scott Hanselman) The AngularJS and TypeScript Cheat Sheet (Jeremy Likness) Developing Cross-platform 2D Games in C# and CocosSharp | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green)   Web Development Using Chrome DevTools to Debug JavaScript in […]