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Dew Drop – January 19, 2018 (#2647)

Top Links New Book: Building Microservices with .NET Core 2.0 – Second Edition: Transitioning monolithic architectures using microservices with .NET Core 2.0 using C# 7.0 (Ed Price) Tar and Curl Come to Windows! (Rich Turner) Storyteller 5.0 – Streamlined CLI, Netstandard 2.0, and easier debugging (Jeremy D. Miller) Creating a Vue.js Serverless Checkout Form: Application […]

Dew Drop – May 26, 2016 (#2260)

Top Links Protected: Announcing WCF Connected Service for .NET Core RC2 and ASP.NET Core RC2 (Miguell) FakeItEasy 2.0.0 released. This major release of FakeItEasy comes jam packed with new features, improvements and bug fixes. (Blair Conrad) Custom ETW Heap Events in Visual Studio 15 Preview 2 (Adam Welch) Open sourcing ReSharper’s external annotations (Matt Ellis) […]

Dew Drop – September 16, 2015 (#2091)

Top Links Microsoft Virtual Academy – Introduction to ASP.NET 5 (Scott Hanselman) Inversion of Control with Aurelia – Part 1 and Inversion of Control with Aurelia – Part 2 (Jeremy Danyow) Windows 10 Nav Pane App Template for Visual Studio 2015 and Code Sample: Creating a Calculator app in Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (MSDNTST) Memory Testing on […]