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Dew Drop – June 28, 2017 (#2509)

Top Links Smooth Interaction and Motion with the Visual Layer in Windows 10 Creators Update (Windows UI Team) The week in .NET – .NET Conf, Material Design in XAML Toolkit (Bertrand Le Roy) .NET Framework June 2017 Cumulative Quality Update for Windows 10 (Rich Lander) Announcing TypeScript 2.4 (Daniel Rosenwasser) Web & Cloud Development Use […]

Dew Drop – May 20, 2016 (#2256)

Top Links .NET Core 1.0 RC2 – Upgrading from previous versions (Scott Hanselman) How to debug .NET Core RC2 app with Visual Studio Code on Windows (Simone Chiaretta) Android Studio 2.2 Preview – New UI Designer & Constraint Layout (Jamal Eason) Xamarin Dev Ops with VSTS – Versioning Apps For HockeyApp (Richard Woollcott)   Web […]

Dew Drop – December 2, 2013 (#1674)

Top Links Understanding JavaScript Object Creation Patterns (Colin Eberhardt) Announcing the F# 3.1 Compiler/Library Code Drop (from the Visual F# Tools Team at Microsoft) (Don Syme) SPA and the Single Page Myth (John Papa) dotMemory 4.0 EAP: .NET Memory Profiler Resuscitation (Maarten Balliauw)   Web Development AspNet.Identity.RavenDB: Fully asynchronous, new and sweet ASP.NET Identity implementation […]