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Dew Drop – March 31, 2014 (#1754)

Top Links Session list for Build 2014 is now online (Kip Kniskern) Developing Enterprise SQL Server Features in Visual Studio database tooling (Kevin Cunnane) Rhino Mocks 4.0.0 Alpha Released (Mike Meisinger) Analysis Paralysis: Over-thinking and Knowing Too Much to Just CODE (Scott Hanselman)   Web Development Years Later, I Still Love jQuery (Ben Nadel) Loading […]

Dew Drop – March 24, 2014 (#1749)

Top Links Node.js and Visual Studio? Sure! (Shawn Wildermuth) Unit Testing Json Result data in WinRT applications (Derik Whittaker) The JavaScript Minefield (Jeff Walker) ReSharper 8.2 is Released Along with dotTrace, dotCover Updates (Daria Dovzhikova)   Web Development Everyone Who Tried to Convince Me To Use Ember Was Wrong (Rob Conery) Do HTML5 apps have […]

Dew Drop – March 19, 2014 (#1746)

Top Links Breaking: SQL Server 2014 RTM in two weeks (Jen McCown) Android Wear Developer Preview now available (Chris Hardy) Improving High-DPI support for Visual Studio 2013 (Art Leonard) Agile is dead? What’s next? (Scott Koon)   Web Development Getting Started with Node.js for Windows (Basem Emara) Font Awesome in ASP.NET MVC WebGrid (Jakub Chodounsky) […]

Dew Drop – March 6, 2014 (#1737)

Top Links Shrink my Program Database (PDB) file (Ankit Asthana) How to debug small programs (Eric Lippert) Browse the .NET Reference Source | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Incrementally shrinking a large SQL Server data file using PowerShell (Richard Vantrease)   Web Development Automatically removing unused CSS using Grunt (Dean Hume) Underscore: LINQ (almost) for […]