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Dew Drop – August 19, 2020 (#3257)

Top Links XAML Back to Basics #9: CollectionViewSource (Nick Randolph) Webinar – Xamarin, MAUI and the reactive MVVM between them (Maarten Balliauw) Blazor vs Vue (Jon Hilton) Using Visual Studio Mac: 5 Handy Hidden Tools (Matthew Robbins) Web & Cloud Development Use Select Dropdown In ASP.NET Razor (Khalid Abuhakmeh) JavaScript Modules in 2020 (Carl Rippon) […]

Dew Drop – July 8, 2020 (#3229)

Top Links Kicking off the 2020 .NET Foundation Director Campaigns (Claire Novotny) Understanding .NET MAUI and the future of Xamarin (Simon Bisson) Working with SQLite and WebAssembly for .NET Developers (Uno Platform Team) A deep-dive into WinUI 3 in desktop apps (Miguel Ramos) Web & Cloud Development Debounce Explained – How to Make Your JavaScript […]

Dew Drop – May 14, 2020 (#3197)

Top Links .NET Rocks! – Chocolatey with Rob Reynolds (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Announcing Adobe XD support for Flutter (Tim Sneath) The anatomy of async iterators (aka await, foreach, yield) (Marc Gravell) Building a Progressive Web App with Blazor (Jon Galloway) Web & Cloud Development Use the `prefers-reduced-motion` media query to toggle CSS and […]