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Dew Drop – February 17, 2015 (#1956)

Top Links End-to-End Testing with Aurelia and Protractor (Rob Eisenberg)  NuGet Package of the Week: A different take on ASP.NET MVC Forms with ChameleonForms (Scott Hanselman) Create a Modern UI with UI for WPF (Michael Crump) The Joel Test For Programmers (The Simple Programmer Test) (John Sonmez)   Web Development Deferring Route Configuration Using Decorators […]

Dew Drop – August 11, 2014 (#1833)

Top Links Creating HTML 5 Websites and Cloud Business Apps Using LightSwitch In Visual Studio 2013 (Michael Washington) The BobbyTables culture (Jon Skeet) Introducing DZone’s Latest Checklist: Unit Testing (Alec Noller) Yet Another Podcast #129–Paul Betts (Jesse Liberty)   Web Development AngularJS and Benefits to the Development Team (Dave Baskin) Effect of tabs vs. spaces […]

Dew Drop – August 7, 2014 (#1831)

Top Links Puppet–Making Windows Awesome Since 2011 (Rob Reynolds) Windows Phone and Windows 8.x: Designing Once for Both with XAML (Nick Randolph) Leveraging existing code across .NET platforms (The .NET Team) Episode 280 – PowerScripting Podcast – Glenn Block and Oisin Grehan on Asynchronous Programming (Jonathan Walz & Hal Rottenberg)   Web Development Kendo Exception […]

Dew Drop – June 12, 2014 (#1796)

Top Links Getting Started with Unit Testing Part 2 | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) dotnetconf 2014 is coming (Kris van der Mast) Microsoft’s plans to transition Nokia into its own brand leak online (Harish Jonnalagadda)   Web Development Script free page – Unobtrusive JavaScript / jQuery (Saad Khan) Cache-Busting CSS Images With Less CSS […]