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Dew Drop – March 20, 2014 (#1747)

Top Links Sublime is Sublime Part 1 and Sublime is Sublime 2 and Sublime is Sublime 3 (Greg Young) How to Turn Visual Studio into the Ultimate Mobile App Development Environment (Gabe Sumner) .NET Rocks! – Nuclear Accidents Geek Out (Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell) Bing Code Search | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green)   […]

Dew Drop – July 12, 2013 (#1,584)

Top Links Ballmer’s big bet will reshape Microsoft — with no shortage of risk (Todd Bishop) Nokia’s Lumia 1020: everything you need to know (Dante D’Orazio) Q&A: How Nokia and Microsoft collaborated to create the groundbreaking new Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8 (Michael Stroh) Nokia Imaging SDK – Now Available (Emilio Salvador Prieto)   […]

Dew Drop – April 8, 2013 (#1,522)

Top Links "Craftsmanship", by another name (Ted Neward) Angry Birds of JavaScript: Green Bird – Mocking (Elijah Manor) Comparing KendoUI and Knockout (with a bit of jQueryMobile on the side) (Colin Eberhardt) Working With Visual Studio: Developers and Functional Testing and Working With Visual Studio: A Familiar Environment (Jim Holmes) 50 Ways to Avoid, Find […]

Dew Drop – March 29, 2013 (#1,517)

Top Links Building Windows Store Applications With jQuery 2.0 (Jonathan Sampson & Ralph Whitbeck) Monads, part eleven (Eric Lippert) Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available (Cara & Duncan Mackenzie) My relationship with SOLID – The overloaded D (Rob Ashton) Defining your career path: journey or destination (Steven Sinofsky) Resurrect Pen and Paper Design […]